To slow the spread of COVID-19, Governor Newsom shut down gyms and fitness centers across the state. Unfortunately, the state’s reopening plans ignore the importance of safe indoor exercise.

Not everyone can afford equipment to exercise from home – the wealthy shouldn’t be the only Californians to have access to safe exercise. This lack of equitable access to exercise has the potential to cause another crisis during a pandemic.

Everyone should have safe access to exercise regardless of where you live or how much money you make, but millions of Californians have limited access to fitness due to bad air quality, weather and busy streets. That’s why we are calling on Governor Newsom to reopen safe indoor fitness centers.

As part of reopening plans, Governor Newsom should work with fitness centers on a science-based approach for increasing capacity for indoor exercise activity for all tiers for ALL Californians.

Make your voice heard and ask Governor Newsom for fair access to safe gyms for ALL Californians.